Sep 5, 2022

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An ode to my Teachers for the road ahead

An ode to my Teachers for the road ahead

An ode to my Teachers for the road ahead

An ode to my Teachers for the road ahead


An eye for an eye
makes the whole world blind
A vie for a vie
makes the whole world grind
A why for a why
makes the whole mind unwind

Never is this more true than today, as the world is. We need more learning and wisdom in the world.

It's Teacher's Day and as I wake up in the morning, I reminisce all those moments with people around me that made me who I am today. I'm beyond grateful for all and forever in debt of a few.

We all have different people at different stages of life who inspire, influence and invade our lives for the better. A few of them remain throughout our lives. It's those that change us inside out.

Among those around me, my family — who have been my foundation, and a few beyond the family, who shook the foundations to make it better, stronger, lasting and beautiful; are the dearest. They are extra special for the magnanimity of their contribution to my life and life around me.

I can never repay them, but I can pray for their wellbeing; I can lay my life and all activity I do, in dedication to them. Here's how they've been phenomenal and introduced me to some of the phenomenon of life.


For me, mom means warmth. In womb, in my bloom, in gloom or when I'm a groom, she was always there, giving her best of care. Born in the city of Telangana, she grew up with her two brothers. As gentle as she is, she is fiery and a fighter when situations need her. As I reflect, it's the same aspect that's ingrained in me. Calm as I am, I can be a storm clearing all that's in the path, if need be.

Taking care of me and sister, running routines on clock, teaching English, doing Medical Transcription, earning her space and right, managing finances, managing Dad and a truck load of other things — that's Mom's jive. There's a reason why all Devis are depicted with many hands.

And her every single act left a lasting impact on me. The English grammar, the Telugu poems and Telangana I learnt with her made language, literature, linguistics and poetry, my foundations for Design. Her wisdom and learnings from struggles with people around her are diamonds I still carry whenever I'm in a social setting. Her intuition in cooking, I imbibed by looking. I can hog on her Egg Curry, Aloo-Egg, Tamarind Rice or Palak Curry. Thanks to her, I make some good dishes too. Her fondness of classical hindi, urdu music made Music my constant companion through thick and thin phases of my life.


A tinkerer, a curiosity machine, an auditor, a fighter, a maker, a cook, an entertainer, a giver, my oldest friend — that's my father. A rad Dad. Born in Pallagiri village, Nandigama district in Andhra, he fought death at a young age, in a fire accident. A Phoenix in my life, an uncanny mix in Mom's life. The fusion of Andhra and Telangana, the tiffs and terrific tales made me into a new breed — one with adaptability and acceptance. And all my flexibility, strength, perception and perseverance is Dad given.

In a way, I can say my venture into Design is driven my incessant desire to involve in arts, crafts and intuition (from Mom) and logic, analytics and systems (from Dad). My childhood days tagging along with him to the then family business of Electronics Sales & Service shop, introduced me to the diodes and color codes way before I knew my PIN codes. His takes on life are my treasure, his mistakes, my mementos.


An invader in my life, a live depiction of divine energy, a shaker, a dagger, a playful child any child would envy and a man beyond any human. Ever since I discovered this being, I keep discovering every cell in my being. I had no words to describe my life experiences until I have experienced my guru. Every dot in my past and every possible dot I could perceive of future, keep igniting in the present.

We are the luckiest generation and must be extremely blessed to have a being like this among us still alive. Do we fail seeing the buddha walking among us, do we fail to see the very soil he is laying down for us or do we bloom in his grace, do we raise our bar to the best a human can be, it's a choice every individual must make. For me, Sadguru is an everlasting energy to perceive the depth and the design of life. I strive my best to be available to this.


Sadguru wouldn't have happened, without Karthi ever happening in my life. One is a guru at a distance, the other is a guru in my every youth instance. Both are invaders in my life. Graced by Sadguru, Karthi is my mentor, my best friend, my best co-worker, a vast book, the best Designer ever, the best Doctor undercover.

She's a Design definer, a benign beginner at everything. She's more Millennial than a millennial, a master mind and a scientist, a mother of a different kind. Born in Coimbatore, travelled the world, she somehow happened to be in Hyderabad, in 2011 of all places in search of the best education space for her children. That's when I met her, on a casual evening in one of those Pecha Kucha nights.

Her first encounter was filled with my music compositions, stupid scribbles and calligraphic craziness. Her embrace and her grace ever since, led me to be a Designer and a Human I am today. I learnt the ABCD of Design from her to take on any XYZ problems. Her perception, passion and perseverance is unparalleled. She's a Designer I envy, a Maker with any key.

Steve Jobs

As far and wide Coca-Cola reached, today the name and impact of Jobs reached as well. Before I was in college, I was a system administrator. Windows and MS was all I knew of computing until after my college when I saw a Mac for the first time. Little did I knew the source of everything consumer computing, the magic of computing, the beauty of computing and the design of computing.

I still remember the nights I stayed up to watch the launches of iPhones and iPads. I remember the hurt of his passing. Through Jobs, I realised how deep a tool or a man-made system can impact a human life. The potential, possibilities and the power of deeply thought-out system, the balance of art and architecture, all keep my love for tools alive even today. This site is a small example.

My friends and family know how much deep love, respect and budget I have for Apple. I try my best to be unbiased as a Designer but the fire of fusion and alchemy of Apple often fascinates me. I hope they keep it alive in the company for the times to come.

Together, all these five forces, my five elements, my five fingers, my five best teachers, keep me spirited, sensible and fiery. I owe a lot to them. My only re-pay is in the way I be, become and build to my best of capability.

I hope this write-up inspires those in a similar path to pursue, look out and acknowledge the teachers around you who plant seeds, remove weeds all perhaps without you knowing. If there is any one in your life who has impacted you deeply, I'd love to know.

On this Teachers day, let's look beyond just instructions, towards more inspiration, not more knowledge of armoury but the wisdom of the farmery. Wishing us all the light of learning and the best of Teachers day. 🙏🏼

A true student sees a teacher in everyone and everything. A true teacher is a perpetual student. Every situation, every strange thing, every curious ask and every conflict has something to offer. It is only in seeing that, that we become more perceptive and experience life as it is.

I hope and wish the blessings of these beings will light up my road ahead for the next chapter of my life.